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How to Take Care of a Car That Lasts an Automobile Engine

Illustration of Car Maintenance
Even if you are a person who does not understand mechanics and only knows how to do something to take care of your car, you still need to know these six simple ways to take care of your car. No matter how lazy you are, you can do it. The six ways to take care of your car that we will discuss are not as complicated as changing your car's oil. However, some steps require opening the hood. 

6 Tips for Car Maintenance

Believe me, lazy people need to understand and even do six options to take care of this new car. Because if you don't understand, it's better to just sell the car and then use the online taxi every day. To learn more about the treatment, read the full review below.

1. Change the tire and check the pressure 

- Change the tires 

The use of car tires is very important and can affect driving safety. Therefore, car owners must understand how to change car tires. If the tire cannot be removed in the same way, what if it suddenly explodes in the middle of the road? It's time to get someone to help you install the spare tire. 

You also need to understand how to use a jack when removing a tire. For those who really can't, don't worry, there's still time to learn how to lift a car.

- Check the air pressure 

In addition to tire pressure, you also need to understand the ideal tire pressure for your car. Don't forget to find out the standard tire pressure for your car from the manual. 

After that, try hitting your foot on a car tire. If your sound is loud and the bounce is strong, your tire pressure is too high. But if it's the other way around, then it's clear that your tires are underinflated. 

So don't forget to check the pressure. Especially after a business trip, traveling or traveling hundreds of kilometers. 

2. How to maintain a car engine 

- Warm up the car every day 

Try to warm up the car every day, for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute every morning. Car engines that are routinely warmed up every day run better and rarely experience problems. Warming up your car engine every day can also keep the oil evenly distributed throughout the engine. Remember to warm up the car engine at idle and without AC power.

- Use the car regularly 

Try to use the car every day. If you don't use your car for a long time, try to use it once a month. It is also important to find out if there have been any changes in the condition of your car's engine. 

3. Check the engine oil 

Engine oils are changed regularly when the car has traveled 5000 km. But sometimes there are situations where the oil change time is delayed due to haste. As a car owner, it is mandatory to be able to check the engine oil yourself. In fact, checking the oil is very easy, you just have to start the car engine. If the oil light on the dash doesn't come on, your oil is still good. But to be more specific, here's what you need to do.

Here are the steps. 

  • Turn off the car and wait about 10 minutes 

  • Open the hood and pull the tab (above the engine block) 

  • Clean the end of the stick with a cloth 

  • Put the stick back and pull again 

  • Look at the level, you can read the oil level at this level, low, normal or too high. 

  • If part L or 1 is present, the condition of the oil will deteriorate. The second position is normal, and if it is above 3 or F, it is a sign of saturation. 

4. Battery maintenance 

There are two types of batteries in a car, namely wet batteries and dead batteries or dry batteries. The operation of the car battery is very important, which is related to the electrical system. The maintenance of these two batteries is not the same. Here is more information.

- Wet battery 

Many mechanics say that wet batteries last longer, but maintenance requires effort. If it drops regularly, you need to add electrolytes.

- Dry battery 

It does not need to be filled with electrolyte water, but the maximum usage time is usually only one year. Bottom line: Don't let your car overheat for days at a time. Reheat regularly. And if the starter makes noise, take it to a repair shop for inspection. 

5. Increase the water supply of the wipers, which is the easiest way to maintain the car. 

The main task of this water is to clean the surface of the glass. You can fill it with plain water or with additional cleaning fluid. If it never fills up, it is clear that the supply is lacking. Of course, very annoying when it rains. 

6. Car care, wash the car regularly 

I don't understand how to properly wash and wash the car, yes hey, every week you have to pay IDR 30,000 to the steam car wash, you have to wash the car once a week even if it's rainy season. It should not be too common or too rare. Car washing is one of the mandatory maintenance tasks for black cars. If the body is often wet, the car is easily exposed to mold, which destroys the black paint. At the same time, your black car will easily accumulate spots and stains if you wash it infrequently. These stains can also cause parts to rust. Use car wash shampoo and other car care products to improve the appearance of your favorite vehicle. Can you do these six things yourself? Or not yet? It's okay if you don't know yet. There are still ways to learn. But don't forget these six options and find car care products that match your favorite vehicle. 

Illustration of Car Maintenance

Car Service

In addition to these six tips, this article also includes a complete guide to multi-brand car maintenance.

A) Maintenance of BMW cars 

Several sources agree that BMW car service is cheap and affordable.

However, there are three things that BMW car owners should be aware of, namely: 

  • Follow the routine maintenance instructions in the car's owner's manual. Also, perform regular oil changes according to the instructions in the manual. 

  • Always use high octane fuel. This can make the engines of BMW cars much cleaner and more durable. 

  • If you accelerate aggressively, try not to shut off the engine immediately after reaching your destination. So using piston rings is not easy. 

B) Xenia and Avanza Autohuolto 

Since Xenia and Avanza are two "twin cars", it is not surprising that the maintenance tips are also similar.

Here are some tips for taking care of Avanza and Xenia cars: 

1. Change gear oil and axle oil regularly 

Change two types of oil regularly every 6 to 12 months, namely gear oil and axle oil. If the car often drives long distances, it is better to change the oil every 6 months. If the car is rarely used, change these two types of oil every 12 months. 

2. Regularly inspect the tire roots, wheel bearings and ball joint  

Check the tire root, ball joint and wheel collar regularly. Because if there is a problem with these three components, it can cause an annoying noise. If there is a problem with these three parts, take the car to a repair shop immediately. 

3. Regular maintenance 

Avanza and Xenia service every 1,000-20,000 km. Take the car to an official Daihatsu or Toyota workshop or you can go to the nearest workshop.

4. Living room interior finishing 

We also take care of the interior of Xenia and Avanza cabins. You can use your favorite Xenia and Avanza leather seats. Also regularly clean Avanza and Xenia dashboards with special car dashboard care products. 

C) Ayla's concern 

 There are several things that Ayla car owners should be aware of when maintaining their vehicle, namely: 

  • Change the engine oil regularly 

  • Buy fuel from official gas stations, not from fuel sellers 

  • To maintain Ayla's car paint, wash and polish the car regularly 

  • Use radiator coolant or clean water to fill the radiator 

D) Manual maintenance of Mobio 

As with any other car, there are a few things to consider when manually maintaining a car, namely: 

1. Change the oil regularly when the odometer touches 3000-5000 km.

2. Always check the radiator fluid 

3. Clean the carburetor filter. Do it with a soft brush or take it to an official repair shop.

 E) How to maintain a Hijet 1000 car 

As they are usually more than 10 years old, maintenance of a Hijet 1000 car is the same as maintenance of an old or 200,000 km car. Here are some important things that are part of Hijet 1000 car maintenance: 

 • Check the air pressure in all four tires 

 • Check the car's electrical system 

 • Regularly check engine oil, axle oil and gearbox oil 

 • Check that the brakes work normally by driving the car for a short time 

 • Also make sure that the accelerator pedal, clutch, brake pedal, foot or spring work normally. 

 • Don't forget to check the carburetor and air filter as well 

 • It is good to wash the car every day, especially if it is visibly dirty 

 F) How to maintain a Timorese car 

 If you want to take care of your favorite Timorese car, you need to do 8 things, namely: 

  • Before turning off the vehicle engine, lower the volume and turn off the audio system. In this way, the sound system does not save electricity. 

  • Straighten the car tires when parking. The goal is that the engine speed does not increase when the car is restarted. Because the power steering is not straight. 

  • Before turning off the car, turn off the air conditioner 

  • Do not allow the engine speed to increase too much when driving 

  • Use high additive engine oil that complies with Timor requirements 

  • Check the car's tire pressure regularly. Front tire pressure gauge  28-30 psi and rear tires 29-32 psi. 

  • Try to tune the engine and change the oil at least every 15,000 km or every 4 months 

  • Regularly check the condition of brake fluid and power steering fluid 

 G) How to maintain a Panther car 

 At Isuzu Panther car service, you indirectly service  diesel cars in general. When servicing a car with a Panther diesel engine, the following points should be considered: 

  1. Warm up the machine every day. Turn it on for 5 minutes 

  2. When driving, avoid turning off the diesel engine immediately after reaching the destination. It is better to let the engine run for 5 minutes before turning it off 

  3. Never run out of fuel. Because the engine gets cold and cannot be started. 4. Use high quality and suitable oil. Change the oil at least after 5000 km. Then change the engine oil regularly. 5. In addition to the oil, also change the fuel filter regularly 

Illustration of Car Maintenance

Automatic versus manual car maintenance 

1. Oil and filter change Automatic and manual car maintenance is similar to regular oil and filter changes. Engine oil lubricates and protects engine parts. Automatic cars also have transmission oil that must be changed at intervals specified by the car manufacturer. Manual cars only require an engine oil change. Remember to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer and change the oil filter regularly. 

2. Check the box Automatic maintenance requires special attention. An automatic transmission has complex components such as a torque converter, valve body and automatic clutch. It is important to regularly check the gearbox, for example checking the oil level and the condition of the gearbox and keeping the temperature of the gearbox stable. On manual cars, check the condition of the clutch, brake clutch and look for gear wear or problems. 

3. Control of the brakes and braking system Brakes are an important part that affects driving safety. Both automatic and manual cars require inspection and maintenance of the brake system. Check the thickness of the brake pads, the condition of the discs or drums, and make sure there are no leaks in the brake system. On automatic vehicles, also pay attention to the condition of the parking brake (handbrake) and make sure it is working properly. 

4. Clutch maintenance Manual cars have a clutch system that requires attention. If you drive a manual car, don't press the clutch pedal too often or for too long as it can wear out quickly. Additionally, check the clutch plate for wear and make sure there are no leaks in the clutch system. 

5. Check the cooling The cooling system of the engine is also important for the maintenance of cars, both automatic and manual. Make sure the coolant level is correct and there are no leaks. Regularly clean the radiator of dirt or dust that can prevent the circulation of the coolant. Also pay attention to the condition of the radiator fan and thermostat to keep the engine temperature stable. and automotive electrical system connectors. Make sure the battery terminals and loose cables are free of corrosion. Also check the charging system and make sure the charger is working properly. A bad charging system can cause problems with the car's battery and electrical system. 

6. Exterior and interior maintenance In addition to mechanical maintenance, do not forget the exterior and interior maintenance of the car. Washing the car carefully, protecting the paint with wax or coating and keeping the interior clean are important parts of car maintenance. Also, make sure the exterior lights, windshield wipers, and air conditioning are working properly.

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